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Understanding Human Dignity

The CLCS Podcast is hosted by Erin Monnin and Cristofer Pereyra

Understanding Human Dignity

Many of the questions you will have to respond to, and act on, as a Catholic leader today will come down to your understanding of and readiness to defend human dignity. As part of their formation, Catholic leaders must learn the Church’s teaching on human dignity. Furthermore, it’s necessary to understand what are today’s greatest threats to human dignity.

The Catholic Leadership for Civil Society podcast is a space about Catholic leadership, but not for the parish or the diocese. This is Catholic leadership for the world! Stay with us and allows us to share with you a vision—handed to us by the Second Vatican Council—to help advance the mission of the Church. It all boils down to one idea: engaging society as civic leaders. This podcast is hosted by Erin Monnin and Cristofer Pereyra, authors of the book Catholic Leadership for Civil Society. Join our live recordings Thursdays at 9 a.m. PST on Clubhouse.