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9 Reasons to Attend THL2024: Lumen Gentium

If you are new to our community of lay Catholic leaders, here are nine reasons you should consider attending THL2024: Lumen Gentium conference.

The Hour of the Laity: Lumen Gentium (THL2024) will be here before we know it. And at Tepeyac Leadership, Inc. (TLI) we are putting together the final touches for our annual conference. If you are part of the TLI family, you already know what THL2024 is about. But if you are new to our community of lay Catholic leaders, here are nine reasons you should consider attending THL2024:

  1. Find your tribe

One of the most recurring comments we have heard from past attendees of The Hour of the Laity is "I have finally found my tribe.” What is that mean? Our beautiful Catholic Church is blessed to count on many lay men and women who are active in parish life, serve their Bishop and Priests and fill many rolls needed by their parish or diocese. However, most lay people naturally spend most of their time amidst the world, living human and very secular realities while striving to be faithfully Catholic. THL2024 seeks to build a global army of lay, man and woman, who want to be Catholic leaders in the world to influence society with the values of the Gospel. Does this mission resonate with you? We invite you to attend the conference to understand the meaning of salt of the Earth and light of the world.

  1. Tap into resources

Most lay Catholics attracted to THL2024 attend to learn about tons of Catholic formation and prayer resources, Catholic professional associations and guilds, and much more. Visit the booths of our vendors and talk to the conference sponsors to learn about a world of opportunities to widen your horizons, expand your network and continue your growth as a lay Catholic leader in civil society.

  1. Source and summit

We know you understand the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Catholic Faith. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recently made a bold move recommitting to remind Catholics about this, through efforts like the National Eucharistic Congress. Well, at Tepeyac Leadership the Eucharist has always been at the center of everything we do. Every day during the conference starts with Mass. Similarly, every day at THL2024 will end with an opportunity to bring in front of the Lord everything you have heard and seen during Holy Hour, preceded by an Eucharistic procession in the grounds of Christ Cathedral.

  1. The SJLW awardees

As part of TLI’s work to equip lay Catholics to become virtuous leaders, influence the culture and serve the common good, each year the organization presents the Saint Juan Diego Leadership for the World (SJLW) award to lay Catholic leaders “in any field of social, professional, cultural, and political life, for acting in accordance with–and courageously promoting–the truth and the law brought by Jesus Christ to mankind.” Attend THL2024 to meet the 2024 SJLW awardees, Aaron Kheriaty and Berni Neal. You’ll be inspired by their witness and track record of lay Catholic leadership in civil society.

  1. The Tepeyac Leaders

While THL2024 is for all lay Catholics interested in growing as leaders in civil society, many of the attendees are part of the TLI family. Our family is comprised of the speakers, mentors, donors, board members, volunteers, and of course the graduates of TLI’s flagship formation program, the Tepeyac Leaders. During the conference, you will have a chance to meet them and learn about their journey through TLI. THL2024 is for everyone, but we want you to learn about TLI's mission and global network of lay Catholic leaders; and invite you to become part of the TLI family too.

  1. Lumen Gentium

TLI’s mission is grounded on the teachings of the Catholic Church, particularly through the Second Vatican Council. Among the documents promulgated during the Council, Lumen Gentium stands out as foundational. This is why it has been chosen as the theme for THL2024. Every presentation during the conference will consider what Lumen Gentium has to say to the lay faithful. It’s all in the spirit of growing in our understanding of the authentic character of the lay vocation.

  1. Real-World Catholic leadership

We love all our Catholic leaders, clergy and laity, but the focus of Tepeyac Leadership and THL2024 is to foment an understanding of lay Catholic leadership as it should be expressed in civil society, outside the confines of our community of faith. We know we need Catholic leadership in the Church. But the world desperately needs lay Catholic leadership in every area of human activity as well. This is the focus of TLI's mission! What does it mean to be a lay Catholic leader in health care, education, business, government, entertainment, and every other area of secular life? Come learn with us!

  1. Bishop Olmsted: on life, faith and leadership

TLI recently announced the first book in the Tepeyac Leadership Series featuring its founder, the Bishop Emeritus of Phoenix, the Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted. The book is titled Bishop Olmsted, on Life, Faith, and Leadership and is now available from TLI Publishing, a division of Tepeyac Leadership, Inc. The new book series aims to provide inspiration and insights for lay Catholics based on conversations with exemplary leaders. As a THL2024 attendee you will receive a copy of this book, as well as a copy of Catholic Leadership for Civil Society.

As a THL2024 attendee you will receive a copy of this book, as well as a copy of Catholic Leadership for Civil Society.
  1. Grow as a leader

I hope you have found the eight reasons above compelling. However, the most important reason you want to attend THL2024 is because you must! Unless one has been living under a rock for the past two decades, we know the stakes today are high. Faithful and committed Catholics who understand, love and practice the faith; also understand that Christ calls us to leave this world better than we found it. And these days the world is in pretty bad shape! Understanding the authentic character of the lay vocation is understanding that we are called to sanctify the world around us, always and through all means necessary. The world is crying out for authentic leadership in every area of human activity. Lay Catholics have a duty to lead. THL2024 creates a unique space for lay Catholics to come together, and support one another as we find effective ways to influence the world with the values of the Gospel. This is not an optional prerogative. We must lead!

A secret, an open secret: these world crises are crises of saints. God wants a handful of men 'of his own' in every human activity. And then… 'pax Christi in regno Christi — the peace of Christ in the kingdom of Christ'.

From the book 'The Way' of Josemaría Escrivá.

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