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How to Make the Best out of Christmas Time?

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Many people's eyes are glazed over with stress as we approach the final weeks before Christmas. Not only are there numerous deadlines to meet before the end of the year, yet there is also an eagerness for warm spiritual healing, and quality festive time with relatives. How can you help your employees and teams to enjoy this phase?

Work Hours should be Flexible

Allow for additional flexibility for individuals to leave slightly earlier during the final festive period, since many families are having trouble finishing the preparations on time.

Paid Holidays

Some companies give employees around ten days of uninterrupted vacation. For those that do not close, they anticipate that most people will use a significant portion of their (mandatory five weeks) annual leave around Christmas. If you want people to return refreshed, be accommodating in bringing them back to their desks.

Thank You Notes

People need to feel appreciated for what they do all of the time, but because Christmas is such an emotional time, we look to our bosses to make sure they notice and appreciate our efforts. Personal, hand-written thank-you cards are a low-cost way to express gratitude with a unique message for each recipient.

Time for Corporate Social Responsibility

Working for a company that cares about its community is a wonderful experience. Christmas is the time to get things done. Can you offer a scholarship for financially struggling students? Would you grant an internship to a young person seeking work experience? Can you also sponsor some deserving families during the holiday season?

Good Cheer to Ease Fear

Spreading good cheer isn't limited to the corner office, so you can be the one to organize a Christmas Mass, or prepare lunch, initiate Secret Santa, or create Christmas games. This is a chance for inclusiveness in the office, so remember to invite those who aren't usually included to join in.

Blessed and Blissful

The festive season serves as a good reminder for all of us to be kind to those around us and to assist those in need. If that's not enough motivation for all bosses and employees, remember that New Year is just around the corner, and that's when people do a status check on their lives, they first reconsider their career path. So, make sure to benefit from it to remind them that you value their contribution to your organizational growth!

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