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Maintaining a Godly Work-Life Balance As a Modern Professional

"The modern world is abuzz with too much activity. As professionals, it’s easy to attach ourselves to the grind mindset too much, even as Catholics."

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The modern world is abuzz with too much activity. As professionals, it’s easy to attach ourselves to the grind mindset too much, even as Catholics. We want to succeed. It takes considerable effort to succeed. Ergo, we must hustle and grind with every waking moment. This is the progress of thought, anyways.

For all its merits, a good work ethic can easily turn to excess. With a busy world focused on hyperproductivity, featuring endless methodologies to help us streamline tasks, we can be swept away by this mentality. So, here are a few pointers on how to avoid letting your work consume you.

Recognize That Income Doesn’t Define You

It is a common misconception that “making it” means a 6-figure salary and a cush position as a C-suite executive. And while it can be a great blessing to find oneself in this position, it can easily cloud our true priorities.

While making more money can facilitate more financial peace of mind and provide a more comfortable living for your family, that isn’t necessarily always the case. There are countless families that have fallen apart despite being financially well-off, and countless families that are less affluent and stronger than ever. The point is, finances and income does not define you as a professional. Your values, convictions, and higher responsibilities (like your family) should be your true, overarching priority.

Know When To Turn Off The Computer 

This can be a difficult point to implement practically. Most of us are tied at the hip with our devices. They can be detrimental as distractions as much as they are useful as workplace tools. Being able to shut off the laptop, set workplace boundaries, and allot your time and devotion to your family, your own personal recreations, and your prayer life is not only advisable but crucial to having a Godly work-life balance. (This article lends further commentary to this reflection).

While challenging, it’s good to designate a specific time after work where you don’t take calls or respond to emails. Of course, some occupations might necessitate some level of professional attachment to technology. But when and where you can afford distancing yourself from it, you should.

Maintain A Strong Prayer Life

Making Christ the center of all we do requires infusing both our work life and personal life with prayer. Outside the office, we should be maintaining a strong prayer life. Yet even our very work should be done for the glory of God. When preoccupied with work, making an effort to simply say a Hail Mary or commit to mental prayer throughout the work day reminds ourselves that all we do is ultimately for God. 

Touching on the previous point, the consuming grind mentality can obscure from our vision the need for God’s grace throughout the day. So, going the extra length to keep your prayer life strong, such as carrying a small pocket prayer book or keeping a small religious statue in your office as a reminder are small but effective ways to keep your eyes on the real prize.

Life is very rarely cadenced, and it has its highs and lows. We always have our crosses to bear, both at home and at work. The above recommendations should help you in “letting go” and achieving a Godly work-life balance. Keeping Christ as our focus, Who is the “King and Center of all hearts”, will aid us in finding fulfillment not in work alone but in the eternal reward that is awaiting us at the very end.

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