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Win the Game of the Brand Name

Virtuous Leadership

Stories are your best allies, make sure to share them and expand the value.

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Tony Robbins, Francesca Battistelli, Denzel Washington, and Malaya Yousafzai are among the top globally recognized inspirational figures. All of their exceptional journeys and motivational advocacy work ring a bell and make an impact.

Well, it is all about the secret power of personal branding. Those top-notch personalities became internationally appraised brands thanks to their uniqueness, actions and credibility. They made it to the front scene while nurturing their own communities. If you are interested in virtuous leadership and seeking the light to reach your full potential, you can take the first step now.

So, how can you start building your personal brand?

We’ve compiled the ingredients of the recipe to successfully manifest your aspirations:

Know thyself

How do you expect someone to know who you are if you haven’t found your true self yet? Go back to the essence; ask yourself the following questions: who am I? Who am I willing to address, and what is my purpose?

All of us as baptized share the common identity of being children of God. From that, we also share the purpose of holiness. We were made by God, for Heaven.

But in the secular realm, in the career world, you will also have to define a professional identity that delineates your personal brand. Once you have the answers to the questions I posted above, start by selecting your niche; be specific and well-oriented in your messaging to engrave the identity in your target audiences’ minds.

If you are thinking of a popular philanthropist, author and speaker who revolutionized the coaching vocation, Tony Robbins would win hearts.

Dove Awards Female Vocalist of the Year Francesca Battistelli is a great example of how one can invest ones God-gifted capabilities for the glory of the mission.

As for the talents who aspire to shine and use cinema as a tool of expression, Denzel Washington, who made it to the Academy, will definitely inspire them.

When you are encouraging youth to engage in the change-making movement, Malala Yousafzai would resonate with them.

Standout with your digital footprint

After being clear about your vision and mission, build a strong online presence aligned to your offline activities. Start by sharing relevant content and bringing communities around your purpose. Thus, it is essential to have a toolkit and a pre-planned pool of content. Stay active on the most convenient platform (website, and social networking profiles) while considering diversified types of messaging and visuals (rely on reels, polls, live Q&A, behind the scenes, etc…).

Be a storyteller

Our brains and hearts are usually fascinated by stories. They are our best allies since childhood. Stories give a human face to any cause or issue. Make sure to share them and expand the value. Not only will the public be intrigued to delve into the authenticity of your personal or professional life, but they will also develop an affinity with you and become your brand’s ambassadors.

Be resilient

In the midst of the turmoil we are all going through, people are no longer looking for super heroes. They are seeking resilient individuals who were able to go against all odds. Be the person they look up to.  Help them become confident that they can make it and succeed, too. Showcase examples where you have turned crises into opportunities and guide your community through the appropriate steps.

Stay committed

Our biggest enemies are the lack of motivation and the drainage of energy. Be resourceful, and always try to keep your goal in the loop. Remind yourself that you are not merely doing it for personal fulfillment, but for a greater good. Be it a tremendous project, or just a small act of support, it all resides in steady and continuous steps that will bring you to the top!

man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers
As decision-makers, we have the privilege and responsibility to bring the best out of people.

Lead by example

The ultimate representation of this philosophy is Jesus Christ who was and is still reminding us that, as decision-makers, we have the privilege and responsibility to bring the best out of people.

How can this be efficiently feasible? By genuinely showing them the path and walking by their side. Empathy and appreciation will lead to empowerment and dedication.

Food for thought:

Care about your team’s/niche audience’s wellbeing as much as you care about the milestones.

Have you already leveraged your personal brand? If done, share some takeaways with your network!

Eva Oueiss is a passionate Scholar, TEDx Speaker, Journalist, and Public Relations Consultant. She holds an MA in Media Studies (summa cum laude). A storyteller by nature, she nurtures 7+ years of experience in documenting stories aiming at empowering and inspiring the pubic. She is mainly interested in education, leadership, communications, and human rights.

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