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TCP has somewhat of the flexibility for interaction than Facebook offers, but it seeks to create an environment of professionalism, much like that of LinkedIn, and all this is while being unapologetically Catholic.

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Tepeyac Leadership, Inc. (TLI) has launched The Catholic Professional (TCP) social network, a new space which seeks to become the premier online community for Catholic professionals of all ages, worldwide. The TCP network will focus on leadership, finances, innovation, board service, and professional development—as well as—interior life, virtue, and sanctification of work. Like its parent organization, Tepeyac Leadership, Inc., TCP lives at the intersection of professional development and spiritual growth.

“This is the natural evolution of our mission, which started in 2017 with the launching of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative program,” said Cristofer Pereyra, CEO for Tepeyac Leadership. Since graduating the first cohort of TLI, the Tepeyac Leaders have surpassed the 300 mark and are now present in every continent. Pereyra added, "Our community needed a virtual home. TCP is that home, and we want to open our home to the world."

Last year, Tepeyac Leadership launched its first annual conference, The Hour of the Laity: A Lay Catholic Conference. The conference is running again this year with Vatican II’s document Lumen Gentium as its theme (THL2024: Lumen Gentium). TCP network will also facilitate communication between conference attendees. There's a dedicated space for THL2024 within TCP.

As a social network, TCP is somewhat of a hybrid between Facebook and LinkedIn. It has somewhat of the flexibility for interaction than Facebook offers, but it seeks to create an environment of professionalism, much like that of LinkedIn, and all this while being unapologetically Catholic.

TCP is open to all Catholic professionals. So, how does Tepeyac Leadership define professionals? According to Pereyra, “It’s not about a distinction between white or blue collars. Rather, we want to bring closer to our fold those lay Catholics who are amid the world and see their occupation as their field of mission. Whether they are in accounting, education, government or small business, if they do their work with love, striving for excellence, and offering it up to God daily, we welcome them.”

The new social network has a direct link from Tepeyac Leadership’s online magazine, by the same name. Most of the network's “spaces” are open to all and organized under “collections.” The “General” collection is relevant to most new members. It contains a space titled “Professional Development.” There’s another space is titled “Spiritual growth.” And another space titled, "St. Peter Square," is basically an open forum for members to share about "anything else."

In 2025, Tepeyac Leadership plans to use their new social network to deliver most elements of its flagship program, Tepeyac Leadership Initiative. This is possible because the new social network is set up to function as a Learning Management System as well. Future participants of the TLI program will join the sessions directly from TCP network and interact with their new community there.

Anyone can join The Catholic Professional network, by clicking here.

Attend #THL2024 Click below to register and take advantage of early-bird pricing!

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