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Networking Tools & How To Use Them Effectively

"Share relevant content to stay engaged and show that you are actively trying to learn and stay abreast of industry trends!"

So, you’re on the hunt for a job. You’re applying on LinkedIn, Indeed, and any other job search portal you can think of. You’re also meeting people, attending networking events, and putting your foot out there to form connections. Great! However, are you maximizing these tools and really giving yourself the best chance? Below are some suggestions on how to make the most of these networking tools.

Networking Apps

These tend to be the “go-to” for job seekers. Just the other day, an acquaintance of mine was describing his process for getting a job – applying for every relevant job that shows up on LinkedIn with his search criteria and hoping something “sticks”. 

If you want to make the most of a tool like LinkedIn, focus on developing your profile. It helps to have a professional photo, a concise headline, and a strong summary that describes all your skills and experiences. 

A few more helpful things to include are:

  • Join relevant groups
  • Connect with people with influence in an organization (especially if you have a particular company in mind)
  • Actively engage with your followers
  • Share relevant content to stay engaged and show that you are actively trying to learn and stay abreast of industry trends!

Business Cards

If you are looking for a business to hire you, it is good to have something to hand to a recruiter. And with modern technology, there are cards available that only require one card which a person can tap with their phone for an immediate transfer of contact information.

Having a method of giving a recruiter something tangible to have – like a business card – helps to keep you memorable. Keep in mind that a business card is more than a vehicle for contact information. It should speak to your personal brand. Don’t be afraid to make your business card your own! Check out a variety of websites like Canva, Adobe, Zazzle, or check out the options available at your nearest office store, like Office Depot.

Send an Email

Have you ever applied for a job with a company only to find that they’re not hiring? Same. It is tempting in a situation like that to just close out the tab and research other companies. 

What I’ve found, though, is that reaching out with an email is a great way to get on their radar. Maybe they are not hiring now. But who knows? Maybe they will be. Small companies are still growing and are developing new needs. Bigger companies suddenly have positions that open up. The point is that it never hurts to just email, state why you’re interested, and provide your resume – odds are they’ll email back to let you know that they will keep your resume on file. 

Now, does that mean you are guaranteed they will reach out down the road? No. But it is a step towards being visible. And visibility is everything when it comes to networking. 

It is even more important to email headhunters, recruiters, and influencers whenever you get the opportunity! Feel awkward about reaching out? Check out this article for some guidance on writing effective networking emails.

I hope this helps! These tools, when maximized, will help bring you the results you’re looking for. Happy job hunting!

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