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Tepeyac Leadership Announces 2024 TLI Cohort

“A good look at what's happening in society today is all we need to understand the urgency of investing in the next generation of leaders for the world. This will be TLI's seventh generation, and our movement is only getting started.”

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Tepeyac Leadership, Inc. is pleased to announce its 2024 TLI Cohort. Through its flagship civic leadership-development program, Tepeyac Leadership Initiative (TLI), our global apostolate will dedicate the next five months to forming, equipping and shaping the next generation of lay Catholic leaders for civil society. They represent a wide range of fields, including the corporate, nonprofit, education, health, finance, and legal arenas.

“A good look at what's happening in society today is all we need to understand the urgency of investing in the next generation of leaders for the world. This will be TLI's seventh generation, and our movement is only getting started,” said Cristofer Pereyra, CEO of Tepeyac Leadership.

TLI welcomes the participants of the 2024 TLI Cohort:

·      Miguel Acero Jr., from Arizona

·      Hector Aceves, from Arizona  

·      Daniel  Andrade, from Brazil  

·      AnnMarie Baba, from California

·      Jon Bachura, from Kansas      

·      Henry Christopherson, from Arizona

·      Ryan Clouse, from California

·      Yvette Durazo, from California           

·      Sudeep Fernandes, from India           

·      Mayeling Bilpodiwala Fernandes, from India 

·      Tatum Fisher, from California

·      Giancarlo Gazani, from Utah

·      Matthew Gonzales, from Arizona

·      Michael Guzman, from California

·      Estyn Hackshaw-Husnick, from California

·      Lori Huber, from Arizona

·      Simon John, from Pakistan                 

·      Anna Kupitz, from Arizona

·      Yanis Largeron, from France  

·      Brian Laspisa, from Arizona

·      JoAnn Lira, from California

·      Joseph Maatouk, from Oman             

·      Nicole Madro, from California

·      Matthew Martin, from Arizona

·      Gerardo Martinez Zamora, from Arizona       

·      Andrew Landon McCollum, from Florida

·      Valen Menezes, from India     

·      Noel Meza, from California

·      Manneh Nelson, from Gambia           

·      Rich Pintang, from California

·      Vincent Pittelkau, from California

·      Gary Policarpo, from California

·      Cristina Rangel, from California

·      Jorge Roldán, from Costa Rica

·      Megan Sauter, from California

·      Desmond Silveira, from California

·      Katarina White, from Arizona

·      Mirian Chimeriri Bernard, from Nigeria         

·      Albana Bikaj, from Montenegro         

·      Luciano Callero, from Sweden            

·      Milagros Cardenas, from Texas

·      Dona Chelala, from Lebanon  

·      John Christopher, from Colorado

·      Joseph Daranjo, from Singapore                   

·      Johann-Ferdinand Goess, from United Kingdom       

·      Ivonne Heath, from Oregon

·      Stephen Lenahan, from Tennessee    

·      Sean Murray, from Ireland     

·      Cody Reed, from Louisiana

·      Biagio Tortora, from Italy                   

·      David Whitmarsh, from Oklahoma

·      Michael Alarcon, from Colorado

·      Fiorella Tatiana Bonilla Aliaga, from Peru                  

·      Scott Christopher, from Florida

·      Mayra Cordero, from Canada

·      Kariny de Araujo, from Portugal        

·      Kristin DeJong, from Michigan

·      Melissa Dittmar, from Maryland

·      Jenna Fuentes, from California

·      Mariya James, from France    

·      Rumbidzai Veronica Kusemwa, from Zimbabwe

·      Araceli "Sally Ann" Martinez, from Florida

·      Thomas McAnerney, from Kansas

·      Rose McClanahan, from Arizona

·      Lorem Mendoza, from Philippines                

·      Rafael Monjo, from Spain                 

·      Ingrid Noriega, from New Jersey

·      Caleb O'Neill, from Alabama

·      Daniel Ochieng, from Kenya              

·      Erlinda Olalia-Carin, from Canada      

·      Jonathan Rodriguez, from New Jersey

·      Michael Snellen, from Kentucky

·      Ellen Holmes Steeves-LeBlanc, from North Carolina

·      Paul Tonacci, from New Jersey

·      Norma Leticia Walsh, from Texas

·      Jamie Whalen, from South Carolina

·      Shana Yong, from Malaysia

The founder of TLI, the bishop emeritus of Phoenix, the Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted, has affirmed, “the true call of the laity, the authentic vocation of lay Catholic men and women, is to be ambassadors of Christ in the world, living among everyone else in secular society, while striving for holiness, sanctifying the world.”

Since 2018, TLI has gathered and invested in Catholic professionals to prepare them for a mission in leadership — through an encounter with truth, goodness, and beauty — in a one-of-a-kind leadership development experience. TLI continues to equip graduates to build a community in which people can flourish and the common good be advanced. TLI is leadership for the world.

Click below to learn more about the TLI program.

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